About Us

Welcome to Slingshot Mastery.

A place for high-quality, ad-free, restriction free learning and discussion of all things slingshots.

Slingshot Mastery is a project first imagined in 2016. Since then, we've been planning, researching, asking questions and listening.

(Pro Tip. It's not FROM SimpleShot, it's just SimpleShot approved.)


Slingshot Mastery's vision is simple:

Bring the love of slingshots to the world through careful, high-quality slingshot instruction.

We have seen that the joy of slingshots is unlocked when the skill is built.
We have seen that the hindrance to finding that joy is most often just a lack of building that skill.

  • Ever ended a shooting session disappointed?

  • Ever performed poorly in a competition?

  • Ever felt silly in front of friends when you couldn't hit what you said you could?

So we founded Slingshot Mastery with that one goal.



Show people how to get the most out of slingshots.


  • Ever ended a shooting session with a fist-pump and a smile?

  • Ever met a goal in a competition?

  • Ever shocked your friends when you hit that target first try?

That (and so much more) is the joy of slingshots. We're glad to have you here.


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